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Pastamia, a Fullerton CA Firm, Recalls Frozen Veal Ravioli Products

Nina Mia, Inc., a Fullerton, Calif., establishment is recalling approximately 654 pounds of frozen veal ravioli products because they contain an undeclared allergen, soy.


The products subject to recall include:


Boston: forget a desk job, make fresh pasta !

Young foodies are betting that their bright ideas — gourmet croutons, bespoke s'mores — are their ticket out of the rat race

nella pasta

Homestead Pasta Company (San Francisco, CA) recalls tamale products

A San Francisco-based pasta company on Thursday began pulling thousands of pounds of its frozen meat and poultry tamale products from stores because they contain an allergen that is not listed on the label.

garibaldi beef tamale

Tim Lovejoy's pasta advert tops poll for 2010's most embarrassing adverts

A Giovanni Rana pasta advert featuring Tim Lovejoy has topped a list of 2010's worst, slightly ahead of the Thomas Cook promo featuring Jamie and Louise Redknapp.

tim lovejoy pasta

Something For The Weekend presenter and vocal Chelsea fan Lovejoy plays the part of a single, helpless man who requires the help of a neighbour to make his dinner. 

Leeds (United Kingdom): learn the art of making fresh pasta !

Learn that art of making fresh pasta from scratch, cooking the perfect risotto, and creating delicious accompanying sauces, within a real restaurant kitchen environment at Casa Mia Grande!

pasta leeds

Our Sunday pasta masterclasses are ever so popular, and so now we are offering you the chance to study the art of the perfect pasta dish in more depth with a 3 week course, which will include pastas, risottos and accompanying sauces.

A San Francisco story: make 1,000 ravioli ? It must be the holiday season

Inside the North Beach Victorian she has lived in on and off since she was born, Anna Ballard was fussing with the coffee maker. "I never use this thing now that I live alone," she said. But this was ravioli day, a 100-year-old holiday tradition, which meant she'd be having company.

san francisco ravioli

New Zealand: partnership brings passion for Italian food to NMIT (Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology)

Italian Gianluigi Zenti has a simple message for food producers in the Nelson region; learn to tell your story.

gianluigi zenti

"We always say it is not enough to exist, you need to communicate that you exist, and find what you stand for and communicate it," Mr Zenti said. "In the end you need to tell the story."

Love, Sex...and Pasta ?


What special something do you bring to your relationships?

love sex pasta

When it comes to your romantic relationships…what do you bring to the table? Maybe you have confidence in your sparkling sense of humor, or your impeccable sense of style, or maybe your wow-factor is in the bedroom. Well, for Giulia Melucci, it’s her ability to cook up a mean bowl of pasta!

Pastificio Defilippis in Turin (Italy): a 150 years old pasta maker

The Via Lagrange was once known for its high quality food shops and their magnificent displays of produce. You could buy anything from cheeses to fresh pasta, meats and fresh game, sweets and chocolates and more. Sadly they haven’t survived the supermarkets and are almost all gone.

defilippis torino

Superfast Italian Food: pizza and pasta delivered in a Lamborghini Gallardo

An Italian restaurant owner in Hemel Hempstead (United Kingdom) is looking to guarantee that his pizzas arrive piping hot, by delivering them in a 552bhp Lamborghini Gallardo.

lamborghini pasta

Alberto Valotta is allowing one of his incredibly lucky delivery drivers to spend an evening taking orders around in the Italian supercar to celebrate his restaurant's 12th anniversary this Friday.

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