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Trader Joe's Pasta Salad Recalled Due to Possible Salmonella

Bad salad: Pasta salad sold at Trader Joe's is being recalled because of a possible salmonella threat, according to KTLA.

trader joe's

Sara Jenkins: "Don't Fuss Over Fresh Pasta: The Dried Stuff Is Better"

Sara Jenkins is based in New York City, where she has developed a reputation as a fine rustic Italian chef. She will open Porsena, a casual restaurant focusing on classic Italian pastas, later this year.

sara jenkins

Chef Boyardee Ravioli Launches Mom Community

ConAgra Foods’ Chef Boyardee has launched Club Mum (ClubMum.net), an online community designed to help mothers share tips about caring for their families.

chef boyardee

Spaghetti, fettuccine and bucatini in Beverly Hills

Domenico’s Foods' fresh pasta forms the basis of a delicious and easy Sunday supper.

beverly hills pasta

Turkey becomes second biggest exporter of pasta

Turkey has become the world's second biggest exporter of pasta behind Italy. 

turkey pasta

Turkish Pasta Industrialists' Association Chairman Murat Bozkurt told the A.A on Monday that they exported 221 thousand tons of pasta to 128 different countries in the first nine months of 2010. 

Barilla America, Inc. Broadens Relationship with CHEP


Pasta and sauce maker renews agreement for pallet services

Barilla usa

The "Salone del gusto 2010" exhibition: Turin (Italy), October 21 - 25

This eighth Salone del Gusto establishes the event’s international profile and confirms it as a key date in the calendar of everyone around the world who cares deeply about food. The Salone del Gusto and its parallel event, Terra Madre, have by now become two inseparable and interconnected halves, in constant dialog with each other. They offer perhaps the only place in the world where peasants and artisan producers, academics and chefs, wine connoisseurs and novice food lovers can come together in a spirit of exchange and friendship. 

Discover Casa Buitoni (Nestlé) in Tuscany With a Trip for Two to Italy

Here's your chance to live la dolce vita by discovering the secrets of authentic Italian cooking with a dream getaway to the Italian countryside! BUITONI® is opening their kitchens at Casa Buitoni in the heart of Tuscany to one lucky winner and a guest where they will get to experience the inspiration of Casa Buitoni and cook alongside BUITONI chefs to help create Italian masterpieces.

casa buitoni

Italian fresh pasta in Davis Square (Somerville - Boston)

Davis Square has everything from barbecue to vegan, French to good-old American diner

somerville pasta

Davis Square has long been a cultural destination. The Somerville Theatre and Johnny D’s offer concerts and films. Spring brings Somerville Open Studios, summer the arts festival ArtBeat, and fall the HONK! Festival, celebrating street bands. It takes place this weekend.

South Carolina (U.S.A.): man jailed after being charged with ravioli theft

A man who shoplifted a can of ravioli from a Hilton Head Island gas station on Gumtree Road was arrested Thursday after refusing to answer questions and resisting arrest, according to a Beaufort County Sheriff's Office report. He had to be subdued by three deputies.

pasta thief

Richard Young, 51, was charged with shoplifting, trespassing after notice, and resisting arrest resulting in officer injury. He is being held for prosecution, according to the county jail log.

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