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Polish driver jailed for importing £1.2m of cannabis hidden in a load of fresh pasta

A Polish lorry driver who tried to smuggle cannabis with a street value of £1.2 million into the UK through a Kent port by hiding it in a load of fresh pasta has been jailed.


Leszek Bieszka, 28, was stopped by UK Border Agency officers at the Port of Ramsgate in mid-June.

The drugs - cannabis resin and herbal cannabis with a combined weight of more than 440kg - were found stashed in the back of his truck.

In Bologna (Italy) is the Tortellini day

This event is a continuation of last year’s "Sfoglino d’Oro" where professional "sfoglini", winners of various national and international contests, had been competing over the course of the year.

tortellini day

America wins a million pelmeni in song contest

An American phone technician is the proud owner of 1 million Russian dumplings after a night of glitz and song at the Karaoke World Championships in Moscow on Saturday night. Finns Sam Moudden and Maria Saarimaa-Ylitalo from Finland took home karaoke machines.

russian dumplings

The event had strong overtones of Eurovision, as keyed up Karaoke teams from all over the world converged upon Moscow to display varying degrees of musical excellence.

Free Barilla pasta cookbook

The celebrities provided Chef Mario Batali with their favorite pasta dish and he created a recipe. Among the celebs are Kristin Chenoweth (Spaghetti Bolognese), Holly Robinson-Peete (Penne Arrabbiata), Jimmy Fallon (Spaghetti Carbonara) and Martina McBride (Three Cheese Tortellini in Sage Brown Butter Sauce).

barilla pasta cookbook

ConAgra (Chef Boyardee) disappoints in 1st quarter


ConAgra Foods Inc. reported a disappointing first quarter on Tuesday, saying intense discounting and higher costs pushed the food maker's net income down 12 percent.


The maker of Banquet, Chef Boyardee, Peter Pan and other packaged foods reported that it earned $146.4 million, or 33 cents per share, for the quarter. That's down from $165.9 million, or 37 cents per share, in the same quarter last year.

McDonald's lawyers make a meal of Italian restaurant's name

Global fast food chain orders tiny Sardinian pasta snack bar to remove 'Mc' from its name


A Sardinian snack bar owner who incurred the legal wrath of McDonald's for daring to use the prefix 'Mc' on his shop front has become an unlikely hero for Italian politicians and food campaigners fed up with the global clout of the American hamburger chain.

France: dough maker APM acquired by two investment funds

Dough maker  (APM)  has been acquired by two investment funds from its founders, the Roposte family, who set up the company in 1994.

Alsaciennes de Pâtes Ménagères

Capzanine and Céréa Capital have taken an 80% stake with the remainder of its capital accounted for by APM's managers, including Guillaume Réveilhac, who will head the company. 

Spaghetti and ravioli culinary icon Chef Boyardee was a real person

Betty Crocker, Mrs. Butterworth and Chef Boyardee. There are so many culinary icons that have been invented purely for marketing purposes that you could be excused for assuming all three of these names and faces are fictitious.

chef boyardee

Egg recall ? Some U.S. pasta makers use eggs from a farmer...

Egg recall has some changing buying, eating habits.

egg recall


From a breakfast cafe in Denver to the Little Italy that is Boston's North End, one ingredient is a staple in every major city and the thousands of diners, bakeries and home kitchens in between: the egg.

Whole wheat pasta 'not really worth the trouble,' expert says


Don’t bother forcing whole wheat pasta down your throat; white pasta is just as good for you, says Jennie Brand-Miller, one of the world’s foremost authorities on the glycemic index.

whole wheat pasta

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