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United Kingdom: Heinz rolls-out pasta range for kids

HJ Heinz has added a range of children’s meals to its pasta portfolio in the UK.

pasta heinz

Five Heinz Mini Meals are available in 200g cans with a RRP of GBP0.69 (US$1.07) each. Varieties include; Tomato & Veggie Pasta Shells, Creamy Spaghetti Carbonara, Ravioli in Chunky Tomato Sauce, BBQ Beanz & Mini Sausages, and Chicken & Sweetcorn Pasta Spirals.

The Pasta Makers of Emilia-Romagna (Italy)

In kitchens in and around Parma, experts in making tortelli and cappelletti let us witness their craft. 

emilia romagna pasta

It's the morning of June 23, and the employees of Salumeria Garibaldi, in the center of Parma, are working at warp speed to turn out 20,000 tortelli by the end of the day.louis vuitton biography

Barilla launches ‘foodie’ campaign in Australia

Pasta giant Barilla has announced its largest integrated marketing campaign in Australia, ‘Share the Passion’.

barilla pasta

The campaign consists of a $4.5 million above-the-line investment over the next twelve months, including TV and print advertising, a national on-pack consumer promotion, a national demonstration program, Casa Barilla cooking events, public relations and various trade and consumer activities.

A new super pasta wheat is coming from Israel ?

A new super pasta wheat developed in Israel has high nutritional quality, inbuilt pest-protection, and it also tastes great, according to Europe's most discerning pasta experts.


Anthrax Death Linked to Pelmeni

One man died and five others were hospitalized after contracting anthrax at a farm in the Omsk region that supplied horse meat for pelmeni sold in Moscow and other regions, Interfax reported Monday.


All six victims fell ill after being hired to cut meat from diseased animals, said Gennady Onishchenko, head of the Federal Consumer Protection Service. Horses started dying at the farm in June, but the farm's owners hid the deaths, he said.

Founder of Alfredo Aiello Italian Foods dies at 82

Alfredo Aiello left Italy for the United States in 1956. Italy, however, never left Aiello.

alfredo aiello

Pastificio Verrigni: the golden pasta has shaken the World

This year everybody talks about the golden pasta. What is it?  It’s a creation by the Pastificio Verrigni where the traditional bronze die is replaced by the golden die.

verrigni golden pasta

Barilla to Invest $500 Million to Develop New Pastas, Boost U.S. Presence

Barilla Holding SpA, the world’s biggest pasta maker, plans to invest 400 million euros ($517 million) to develop new types of pasta and boost sales in North America.


Fresh pasta in Ireland: Giovanni Rana selects Oakland International

European fresh pasta producer Giovanni Rana has selected Irish company Oakland International to distribute its pasta products to a major Irish retailer.

giovanni rana pasta ireland

Oakland will manage transportation, storage, labelling, and forward distribution of more than 60,000 cases of pasta products in the first year of the contract.

The New Pastas: Healthier, Better — But Rarely Both

Dry pasta has always presented a strange problem for me at the supermarket. Most stores sold the same few brands, all of which were literally impossible to tell apart once cooked. I say literally because it's not just that they tasted similar, like colas or potato chips; once out of the box, I couldn't distinguish one from the other. Barilla, De Cecco, Ronzoni, even the generic supermarket stuff — as soon they hit boiling water, they were all the same: fattening and good. Or, at least, good enough.

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