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Auctioneer unsure what 'Chef Boyardee' mansion will net

Even after he sold it, the mansion on Upper Market Street would draw him back.

chef boyardee

Italy launches alert over mysterious 'blue mozzarella'

 Italy has launched an international alert over possible contamination of mozzarella cheese after balls of the creamy white delicacy turned blue.

blue mozzarella

Police seized 70,000 mozzarella balls from supermarkets after receiving reports from consumers around the country that as soon as they slit open the plastic packets encasing the cheese, it changed colour.

The first restaurant in Scotland offering fresh pasta made in-house

La Parmigiana, Glasgow’s finest restaurant for classic Italian cuisine, has become the first restaurant in Scotland to offer diners a selection of fresh pastas made in-house.

scotland fresh pasta

Barilla Is Evaluating Offers for Kamps Bakeries

Barilla Holding SpA, the world’s biggest pasta maker, is evaluating offers for Kamps GmbH, a network of more than 900 franchise bakery shops, Chairman Guido Barilla said.


Marathon Meal: 11,000 Pounds Of Pasta !

There are a few specific things Boston Marathon runners look forward to the weekend before the big race: picking up their official marathon numbers at the Expo, buying some new running gear at the Hynes, and carb loading.


Why is Faella the Best Artisanal Pasta in Gragnano ?

After Camille's enthusiastic report of her visit to Pastificio Faella, I couldn't resist and decided I wanted to see the pasta magic, too. I went to Gragnano, thirty minutes from Napoli, the land of "O Sole Mio". There was no sun, when I went; in fact, it rained all day. My sunshine was the warm welcome of the Faella family and all their friends. What I learned illuminated me! Between me and Camille, now we have gone to Gragnano three times; we talked to everybody in and outside of town; we did our careful due diligence. The final decision is: Yes!

Pasta Buitoni: Nestlé investigate health of Mediterranean diet

Roberto Reniero, Head of Casa Buitoni, tells us about the R&D centre and how Nestlé combines Italian and Mediterranean food traditions with contemporary know-how in nutrition and well-being.

buitoni pasta

Omega-3 foods don’t add up

Nutritional trends come and go, but overwhelming evidence continues to support the health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids, and this has consumers around the world seeking more of this vital nutrient.

barilla plus pasta

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