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America wins a million pelmeni in song contest

An American phone technician is the proud owner of 1 million Russian dumplings after a night of glitz and song at the Karaoke World Championships in Moscow on Saturday night. Finns Sam Moudden and Maria Saarimaa-Ylitalo from Finland took home karaoke machines.

russian dumplings

The event had strong overtones of Eurovision, as keyed up Karaoke teams from all over the world converged upon Moscow to display varying degrees of musical excellence.

“It’s a very nice competition,” Phillip from the Austrian delegation told The Moscow News. “Our man is going to win the competition this evening, so we are all here to cheer him on,” he predicted incorrectly. The Austrians were the most conspicuous support team of the night, decked out in red shirts and repeatedly circling the very sparkly room in an enthusiastic congo line.

Meanwhile the Russian theme did not just come from the prize, donated by sponsors Sibirskydelikates. Proceedings kicked off with a rousing performance from a Cossack choir, combining folky earthiness with tubthumping beats that Lady Gaga herself would have been proud of.

Russian sensations

The competition is restricted to amateurs, resulting in a thrill of uncertainty as each performer appeared. The most technically proficient voice of the evening was Russian gastroenterologist Fyodor Rytikov, who gave a highly accomplished if rather incongruous rendition of Nessun Dorma, to then go through to the final round with L’Emmensita. His shaggy locks suggested a wacky academic more than a disco king, but he charmed the judges enough to take runner up.

Women’s runner-up was Yulia Kurileva, who came on in a floaty white nightie to impress with a wordless and wailing performance of Pink floyd’s Great Gig in the Sky.

Russia’s first representation came in the form of Artyom Akmulin, who erupted onto the set with a highly energised version of Fully Monty favourite ‘You can Leave your hat on!’ He did not perform the familiar choreography.

Blonde knockout Sona Dilanyan regaled the audience with what The Moscow News eventually worked out was Golden Eye. She was wearing a sparkly black number which lost its shiny sheen when projected onto the cinema-sized screen behind her and gave the unfortunate appearance of a bin liner.

Source: www.mn.ru

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