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In Bologna (Italy) is the Tortellini day

This event is a continuation of last year’s "Sfoglino d’Oro" where professional "sfoglini", winners of various national and international contests, had been competing over the course of the year.

tortellini day

The public watched the contest-show, a chance to promote and valorize the best of the cui-sine of Bologna: the sfoglia (a kind of rolled egg-based pastry) and the "sfoglini" (the professionals who roll the sfoglia). The event was hosted by a famous national television personality while the jury included institutional representatives and it was presided by Alessandra Spisni, multi-winner of  the "Mattarello d’oro" and "Tortellino d'oro" awards and the "Maestra di Sfoglia" title on the Ital-ian RaiUno TV show “La prova del Cuoco”.

This year: the tortellino, unfailing protagonist of the Bolognese cuisine, will be welcoming every-one who is curious to discover the city in its multiple facets. Among artistic itineraries and special menus, through the "Sfoglino d'Oro", a day dedicated to fun and good food.


Friday, October 1st 

6:00pm c/o Auditorium Sala Borsa: Prof. Massimo Montanari’s conference on "Bologna crocevia di saperi e sapor". 

Saturday, October 2nd 

4:30pm at Cinema Lumiere: projection of the film-documentary "Italianamerican" by Martin Scorsese. Introduction by Gianluca Farinelli – Director of the Bologna Film Collection


From 6:00pm onwards: NOTTE BIANCA in the Quadrilatero and in  d'Azeglio street (pedestrian access only).

Sunday 3rd October 

11:00am c/o Sala Trecento - Palace Re Enzo: "Sfoglino d'Oro", contest among sfoglini: the mak-ing of tortellini out of sfoglia.

Monday 4th October 

S. Petronio

12:30am: Blessing at the city - Piazza Ravegnana

3:00pm: Concert of Campanari - Piazza Maggiore

3.30pm, c/o Piazza della Vita: Mortadella trial - arguments in favor and against Bologna’s prime gastronomical product.

5:00pm: Holy mass at S.Petronio and Blessing from the "Palco di Piazza Maggiore"

6:45pm: Banda Puccini show.

8:30pm: "Cinderella parody" musical.

10:30pm: Fireworks - Piazza Maggiore

Where: Bologna

When: from October 1st to October 4th 2010

Source: www.winefoodemiliaromagna.com

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