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Founder of Alfredo Aiello Italian Foods dies at 82

Alfredo Aiello left Italy for the United States in 1956. Italy, however, never left Aiello.

alfredo aiello

From his mid-20s, when he was a fresh-faced immigrant, until his death Monday at 82, Aiello built a company that became known throughout New England for its fresh fettuccini and lobster ravioli. That was especially true on the South Shore, where Alfredo Aiello Italian Foods first supplied pasta to restaurants and markets in 1967 from its plant on Water Street in Quincy and grew into a retail chain with stores in Quincy, Norwell and Canton.

The company was a partnership between Aiello and his wife, Rosina, who at age 12 left Italy’s southern region of Calabria, not far from where Aiello was born. They met in the North End. Today would have been their 53rd wedding anniversary.

In an interview with The Patriot Ledger last year, Aiello’s youngest child, Lino, said his “mother would make the stuff; my father would go out and sell it.”

Lino’s older brother, Peter, said his father “kept the Italian ways.”

“Every Sunday, for example, he liked to have dinners at his house,” said Peter Aiello, who lives in Hingham and works part time in the family business. “Very much a family man.”

Peter Aiello said his father returned regularly to Palermiti, his hometown, and, over the years, hired several of his paisanos who wanted to move to the United States.

Aiello was a patient and genuine man who developed Parkinson’s disease in his mid-40s and for decades kept it from becoming an “obstacle,” son Peter said.

“His mind, until the very last day, was sharp as sharp could be,” Peter Aiello said.

Rosario Esposito, the company’s 50-year-old production manager, crossed the ocean in 1986 on the promise of a job from a family friend. He has stayed for 24 years.

“I lost an old friend – not a boss, more like a father,” Esposito said.

Aiello died at South Shore Hospital, surrounded by his wife, two sons and daughter Rosanna Aiello.

“Most people will remember him by the friendship they had,” Peter Aiello said, “and his big smiling eyes.”

Source: www.patriotledger.com

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