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Marathon Meal: 11,000 Pounds Of Pasta !

There are a few specific things Boston Marathon runners look forward to the weekend before the big race: picking up their official marathon numbers at the Expo, buying some new running gear at the Hynes, and carb loading.


The official carb loading home of the Boston Marathon is City Hall Plaza on Sunday night. That's the scene of the Boston Marathon Pre-Race Dinner where official entrants and their guests eat their fill.

The North End has nothing on this pre-marathon meal. Just look at the amount of food being prepared this year:

    * 11,300 pounds of pasta
    * 2,825 quarts of tomato sauce
    * 3,400 pounds of fresh vegetables
    * 35,000 gallons of spring water
    * 17,000 cups of coffee & tea
    * 100 pounds of ground black pepper
    * 35,300 Powerbars
    * 18,000 packets of PowerGel

According to the BAA, it takes 5,225 hours of prep and cooking time to get the big meal ready. The food is served by a wait staff of 140.

Source: www.wbztv.com

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