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Pastas create Super Bowl specials

When the football fans from the neighborhood camp in front of the TV set this weekend, no doubt they’ll get the munchies by half-time.

So, when The Who wraps up its rock ’n’ roll halftime spectacular, call your ball-crazy crowd to the buffet table to load up their plates before the third quarter kickoff.

barilla pasta

You can be one step ahead of the game by preparing a few trays of finger food — hopefully including some fresh crudités with a low-cal dipping sauce — and a couple of main dish casseroles using pasta as a base.

We were impressed at the CIA Greystone’s Worlds of Flavor conference last fall by the incredibly yummy pasta dishes served up by a team of chefs and the marketing team from our favorite pasta maker, Barilla.
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So we asked the Barilla team for the recipes, and Bay Area marketing consultant Alexei Rudolf eagerly obliged. Specifically, we requested the recipes for a couple of distinct pasta shapes from the Barilla family — campanelle and cellentani — both ideal for a hungry Super Bowl crowd. Rudolf gave us the whole kit and caboodle from the CIA conference.

“Pasta comes in many appealing shapes and sizes, and one of the most delightful is campanelle,” notes Michele Malo, brand manager for Barilla Foodservice. “This delicate but sturdy shape, which means ‘bellflowers’ in Italian, has fluted, petal-like edges and a hollow center for capturing sauce.

“A distinct corkscrew-shaped pasta with tubular center and ridged surface, Barilla Cellentani is perfect for a hearty pasta meal, capturing every drop of your favorite sauce and trapping vegetables, meat or fish in every tasty forkful. Barilla Cellentani is also a favorite for cold pasta salads and casseroles. Its sturdy shape makes it strong enough to partner with chunky vegetables or beans, while its rich, nutty flavor comes through in every bite.”
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The recipes from Barilla chefs include Buffalo Chicken Pasta with Bleu Cheese Sauce, Cellantani with Italian Sausage and Mushrooms, Penne with Pumpkin and Peas in Herbed Cream Sauce, ‘Orzotto’ with Seasonal Mushrooms and Prosciutto, plus Winter Harvest Noodles.

“The pumpkin recipe works well with leftover roasted turkey as well,” Rudolf pointed out. “The Orzotto is very friendly for the home chef — I know because I made it at home myself — giving you the sophistication of risotto with one-eighth the effort and time. I could also see the Buffalo Chicken for a Super Bowl theme. It can easily feed a party-size crowd, and it’s a lot less messy.”

A rich history / One of the world’s favorite pastas, Barilla can trace its beginnings to the Italy of 1877. Pietro Barilla opened his small shop — consisting of a table, a kneading trough and a small oven — on Via Vittorio Emanuele, a busy shopping street in the northern Italian city of Parma, located in Emilia-Romagna, a region renowned for its cuisine and rich agricultural heritage. Pietro and his son, Riccardo, worked side by side — sometimes for as long as 18 hours a day — making fresh bread and pasta by hand. Their signature sunshine yellow, horse-drawn carts would travel through the early morning streets of Parma, laden with fresh Barilla products.
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By the turn of the century, father and son had purchased a small wooden press that enabled them to produce 110 pounds of pasta daily. With their profits, they invested in a more up-to-date cast-iron press and a new kneading machine, which allowed the production of Barilla pasta to increase dramatically, to more than 400 pounds per day.

Soon after, in 1907-08, they rented a warehouse and continued to produce premium pasta, increasing their production to over 1,000 pounds a day. Eventually, the Barillas purchased the warehouse, which today still stands on the same street — now renamed Viale Barilla — in Parma.

“From the beginning, product quality was paramount for Barilla, a factor dependent on the superior quality of the durum wheat flour, or semolina, used to make the pasta,” Malo advised.

“Legend has it that Riccardo Barilla would dust the sleeves of his black suit with the semolina. If no specks remained after he brushed it off, the flour was dry enough and finely ground enough to use in Barilla pasta.”
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Rudolf said Barilla has always been a company that understands the importance of family. Pietro’s children and grandchildren grew up with Barilla’s factories as their primary playgrounds; today, they run the company, carrying on the founder’s dedication to tradition and excellence.

At present, Barilla is the world leader in pasta production, manufacturing over 4,000 tons of pasta daily in over 120 shapes and sizes at 30 state-of-the-art facilities around the globe. The company boasts the world’s largest pasta factory, in Parma, and the largest in the U.S., in Ames, Iowa.

Source: www.napavalleyregister.com

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