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Pastificio Defilippis in Turin (Italy): a 150 years old pasta maker

The Via Lagrange was once known for its high quality food shops and their magnificent displays of produce. You could buy anything from cheeses to fresh pasta, meats and fresh game, sweets and chocolates and more. Sadly they haven’t survived the supermarkets and are almost all gone.

defilippis torino

The Pastificio Defilippis is still there and is over 150 years old; it is one of the few remaining food establishments once lining the street. They continue to make pasta using the old traditional methods, fresh ingredients and no preservatives. There are heaps of beautiful pastas including gnocchi, lasagna and filled pastas.

Try the agnolotti, a specialty of the region. They are a sort of ravioli which might be filled with a roasted meat ragu’, or drenched in a cheese fondue sauce or filled with spinach and cheese to name just a few. There is dried pasta in all kinds of extravagant shapes and colors (chocolate??).

You can also find a selection of ready to eat dishes such as frittate, quiches and stuffed vegetables. Don’t feel like cooking?They have recently added a small restaurant where you can taste the specialties of the house.

Further along the same street at 36/A, check out La Baita del Formaggio which carries the regional cheeses of Piedmont. It was recommended by Gourmet magazine in 2004.

Source: www.italiannotebook.com

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