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The "Salone del gusto 2010" exhibition: Turin (Italy), October 21 - 25

This eighth Salone del Gusto establishes the event’s international profile and confirms it as a key date in the calendar of everyone around the world who cares deeply about food. The Salone del Gusto and its parallel event, Terra Madre, have by now become two inseparable and interconnected halves, in constant dialog with each other. They offer perhaps the only place in the world where peasants and artisan producers, academics and chefs, wine connoisseurs and novice food lovers can come together in a spirit of exchange and friendship. 

salone del gusto

A dense network of relationships is created here on behalf of food that is sustainable and can still transmit joy, food restored to its true value. The Salone del Gusto is educational, because it is about learning, knowing, comparing and discovering, but always in the name of a right to responsible and fully shared pleasure.

The Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre are above all a festival, celebrating what we eat and the people who make it. 

The Piedmont Regional Authority, the City of Turin and Slow Food welcome you to the 2010 Salone del Gusto!

Source: www.salonedelgusto.it

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