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Tim Lovejoy's pasta advert tops poll for 2010's most embarrassing adverts

A Giovanni Rana pasta advert featuring Tim Lovejoy has topped a list of 2010's worst, slightly ahead of the Thomas Cook promo featuring Jamie and Louise Redknapp.

tim lovejoy pasta

Something For The Weekend presenter and vocal Chelsea fan Lovejoy plays the part of a single, helpless man who requires the help of a neighbour to make his dinner. 

Joined by an attractive Italian lady, Lovejoy is soon sharing a delicious pasta meal with his new acquaintance. 

The advert is so cringeworthy, it was awarded Turkey of the Year by Campaign, as well as worst celebrity advertisement of the year. 

Campaign said: 'Lovejoy, the cheeky, football loving geezer, gets ideas above his station with this appalling spot. 

'His lack of acting skills becomes apparent in the unfunny denouement - he's only asking for help from his sexy Italian neighbour because he wants to seduce her. Pathetic.'

Lovejoy's terrible efforts were trailed by the current advert for Thomas Cook - starring Jamie Redknapp and his wife Louise, another member of the Something For The Weekend cohort. 

'Aside from the dreadful scripting and ridiculous scenarios, does anyone really think this pair of millionaires go on Thomas Cook holidays?,' said Campaign. 

The list of top ten worst celebrity adverts of the year, in full: 

1. Giovanni Rana - Featuring Tim Lovejoy 

2. Thomas Cook - Featuring Jamie and Louise Redknapp 

3. Mastercard - Featuring Bonnie Tyler 

4. Jackpotjoy - Featuring Barbara Windsor 

5. London Pride - Featuring Top Gear's James May 

6. AA - Featuring John Cleese 

7. The Times - Featuring Peter Mandelson 

8. Nintendo - Featuring gruesome twosome Jedward 

9. Sony - Featuring Derek Jacobi 

10. Peugeot - Featuring rally driver Chris Meeke

Source: www.metro.co.uk

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