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Wheels from meals: artist uses pasta to make model cars, bikes and lorries

A creative artist cooked up these models of cars, planes and boats - using nothing more than a little household pasta. 

pasta car

Serghei Pakhomoff, from Perm, Russia, made the mini-masterpieces using many different varieties of the Italian foodstuff.

And from a macaroni motorbike to a linguine lorry, each one of the edible creations can take up to 30 HOURS to make.

Originally, the al-dente artworks were designed to be used as adverts for a Russian macaroni company.

But when the campaign was cancelled, amateur artist Serghei decided to keep creating the models in his spare time.

He said: “I use all kinds of pasta from simple spaghetti and lasagne to farfalle and ruote, spending between 20 and 30 hours on each of my models.

“The hardest model to create was the car. It has reclining front seats, doors that actually open and lots of other small details like mirrors, so it was very fiddly.

“And my most time-consuming project was a small town which took three years to complete.

“For me, creating these artworks helps me to unwind and relax, and so I’m surprised yet pleased people have taken such a big interest in my work."

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

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