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Technologic consultancy

Over the years we have been able to extend our knowledge and we now provide dedicated support to the design and construction of pasta factories and technologic consultancy for solving problems about recipes (pasta, fillings, ready meals), processing operations and packaging.


Complete design of your pasta factory

impianto pastaThe first thing we prepare before doing any operation is a preliminary layout: this is an optimised hypothesis about how to assemble a plant, a line or a machinery room, with specific indications on the functional features of single equipment, on the process technology, on overall dimensions, on productive yields. On the preliminary layout, standard features are specified for the main utilised ingredients, as well as the average energetic consumption, the personnel required and the related job inventory. Eventually, the layout provides a summary of the minimum and maximum costs for the single units.

The preliminary layout aims to:

* Understand the best solution for the best equipment considering the actual needs of the company (kind of product, space availability, professional level, investment limits, etc.);

* Define the optimum technology and consequently to stress the technical and functional specifications of the single units that will constitute the plant;

* Ask the machine and system manufacturers working together with Ostoni companies to supply their best offer on the basis of the specification at point 2, referring to the general indications of the equipment preliminarily laid out;

* Help the study, setting and implementation of the company HACCP plan that will be arranged and started in cooperation with the specialised personnel of Ostoni, after the production setup.

Technical personnel is available for any further information on the layout arrangement. Please e-mail your request to info@ostoni.com or by fax at +39 02 61 54 00 93, indicating as preliminary info:

* Kind of pasta (long-cut dry, short-cut dry, nested shaped / special shapes, filled fresh, laminated fresh, ready-to-eat dishes);

* Plant output (kg/h);

* Automation level (continuous semi-automatic plant, continuous automatic plant). Once received your request, you will be contacted by the technical staff of Ostoni in three working days.

Once defined the product range and the productive typology, Ostoni can elaborate the technical specifications that the plant will have to observe; afterwards, we will communicate them to the machine and system manufacturers cooperating with Ostoni.

Since we supply personalised technical specifications, not only can Ostoni help to optimised the investment (even because we can indicate, where possible, second hand machines overhauled and guaranteed), but also, once the plant is set up, we can supply the aid necessary to the personnel to define at their best the parameters of all the productive phases.

Solutions concerning pasta products manufacturing

fabbricazione pasta

Ostoni provides technological advice to solve the processing problems in pre-existent systems. Mainly in the most critical productive phases, such as the pasta drying or the thermal treatment of fresh pasta. Ostoni can help the pasta makers to find the best solutions to optimise the production.

In particular, we provide technological advices concerning:

* Dough preparation and formation

* Pasta drying (continuous/static)

* Pasteurization or equivalent thermal treatment

* Stuffed pasta formation, problems about filling

* Shelf-life and packaging in modified atmosphere

* Other items to be specified

We are also able to supply technologic advices aboutpreparation of fresh pasta, sauces, precooked pasta and ready meals:

* Complete check-up.

* Detailed control of critical points.

* Monitoring and troubleshooting for:

- Preparation stages.

- Sanitation operations.

- Packaging operations.

* Thermal processes.

* Shelf-life optimisation.

* Customized tastes.

* Sensorial and quality analysis.

* Sous-vide - Vacuum cooking.

* HPP - High hydrostatic pressure cooking.

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